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Mercury sensor - Mercury inducing promoter Part:BBa_I728456 + amd gene(BBa_K271000)

Amd part.png

Cadmium is an intense toxic heavy metal with no known biological function. At low cadmium concentrations, cells are able to adapt and resume growth after a period of stationary period. Promoter yodA is only transiently activated during cadmium-induced growth inhibition.
Aryl acylamidase (EC; AAA) is an enzyme that acts on the amide bond between aryl- and acyl groups. The most typical reaction is the hydrolysis of an anilide, producing a carboxylate and aniline, which is also reversible. Acetaminophen(Tyrenol) is an aryl acyl compound having amide bonds which is hydrolyzed by the enzyme, producing acetate and p-aminophenol. Because p-Aminophenol show brown color, aryl acylamidase gene can be considered as reporter gene.
Heavy-metal detector BBa_K271001
The promoter/operator region of the zntA gene of Escherichia coli. It shows that Zn(II) is the primary inducer of expression of this Zn(II)/Cd(II) export gene. The promoter PzntA shows sequence similarities to the promoters of mercury resistance(mer) operons, including a long spacer region containing an inverted repeat sequence.
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