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The team

The complete team!!



IPN-UNAM-Mexico Team Colaboration

Our team has closely collaborated with IPN-UNAM-Mexico iGEM team since the early stages of both projects by the exchange of ideas and discussions about experimental and theoretical issues of both projects.

Throughout the evolution of both projects, complications and doubts became more specific and the collaboration became closer. They helped us with relevant aspects of our project model. In particular, when we were building the model for the diffusion component of our system, we found it quite hard because it incorporated considerable diffusion elements. So, we were assessed by IPN-UNAM-Mexico iGEM team on what finally would be our cellular automaton with discrete diffusion model as the best approach for this section of the project.
Since we had some troubles with a continuous model, they proposed us to use a discrete version of what we were trying to do: the discrete Laplace operator or a partial differential equations system. Finally we chose to use a discrete version of Flick's law to solve this problem, what turned out to be good for our dry lab's objectives.

Furthermore, the experimental work at the IPN-UNAM-Mexico iGEM team fell behind in the middle of the summer because their 2009 iGEM kit plate was retained by the Mexican customs and the critical bioparts for their project were not available in previous iGEM Kit plates. Therefore we supported them with elutions, transformations and plasmid extractions of the needed biobricks.

The collaboration between LCG-UNAM-Mexico and IPN-UNAM-Mexico made things easier for both teams and is a really important factor that contributed in achieving both projects' current advances.

Adrian IPN.jpg
Meeting at LCG-UNAM

Valencia Team

We contributed with Valencia team fulfilling their ethics survey for which we received the Gold Medal.



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