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Project and Organizatoin Background to be inserted

Will put in team picture as soon as a new one is taken.

Who we are


  • Dr. David Westenberg: One of Missouri S&T's finest
  • Dr. Katie Shannon: Another of Missouri S&T's finest


  • Marcus H. Hayer: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Patrick VerSteeg: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Michelle Brosnahan: Biological Sciences
  • Patrick Martin: Biological Sciences and Chemistry
  • Nichole Hurd: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Meghan Ray: Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Daniel Roush: Biological Sciences with Bioinformatics and Computer Science Emphasis
  • Drew Menke: Biological Sciences
  • Ian Jay:
  • Amanda Foster: Chemical and Biological Engineering and Biological Sciences
  • Erica Shannon: Biological Sciences

What we did

Read about it on our Project Page

Where we're from

Missouri S&T, Formerly the Missouri School of Mines and the University of Missouri - Rolla is located in South Central Missouri, halfway between St. Louis and Springfield, MO.

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