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Brainstorming Ideas

Health & medicine

  • Create an insulin delivery system which response to low glucose level or time controlled release

  • Vitamin synthesis?

  • Hinder carcinogenics
    • Maslinic acid (olive skin)-tritrepenoid compound
    • Can we study anti-tumoral and apoptotic effect of this compound?
    • E coli to interfere in the carcinogenic pathways
    • Mimic the maslinic effect to the carcinogenic cells?
    • Surface markers?

  •  Trap parasites in host cells by disabling the protease
    • Can we remove the trap parasites?
    • Terminate parasites?

  • Genetic modified bacteria that have anticoagulant properties.

  • Eczema relief

  • Bacteria to treat gangrene
    • To eat up dead tissues
    • Bacteria to deliver growth factors

  • Collagen producing bacteria

  • Bacteria that absorbs cholesterol

  • Constipation pill

  • Synthesis specific growth factors

  • Bacteria that produce PDGF

  • Using bacteria to breakdown blockage in blood vessels

  • Malaria vaccine
    •  Forcibly expresses a certain gene and create a vaccine against it
    • Proof of concept

  • Cancer treatment - colon cancer(CA marker)
    • Fusion protein to signal the expression of perforin (e coli as NKC)

  • Streptococcus vaccine

  • p-Falciparum gene expression stabilization for malaria

  • Intestinal vaccine delivery

  • Bacteria to target the larvae

  • To separate Tamoxifen (possibly a chiral drug) by uptake the drugs into modified E Coli and bind it to the receptor inside the bacteria.


  • Biosensor that sense the present of allergen and release drugs to prevent allergenic response

  • Mimic allergy response-to determine allergen?

  •  Fingerprint detection

  •  Can cells response to magnetic fields?
    • Bird GPS ??
    • Magnetic field biosensor

  •  Biosensor to detect cancer


  • E coli to detect toxins in food and flu strain in animals.

  • Biomask
    •  For absorption

  • Create a water purifying system that recognize and trap toxic
    • to uptake salt and others- sea water purification

  • Bacteria producing water for the use of photosynthesis so that plants can grow well in dry area
    • Is it possible to construct water using certain metabolism pathway?


  • Multi-color display according to inputs
    • to improve signal inputs
  • DNA methylation as memory storage
  • suffocate the cells
  • baccine
  • To construct guiding E Coli that guide pathogenic bacteria to a region of toxin/UV light.


  • bacterial barometer
  • fill up crack
  • dust repel
  • microscopic spring-using spirobac
  • To construct a Sound sensing bacteria


  • modeling the trend of evolution of flu viruses


  • Methanol in E-coli

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