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Registry Parts Used                                                    New Parts Added to Registry
Ribosome Binding Site:

Registry Parts Used:

LacI: We used this strong IPTG-inducible promoter from the part registry.
For more information go to: BBa_R0011

RBS: We used this ribosome binding site (based on Elowitz repressilator) from the part registry. It has a relative efficiency of 1.
For more information go to: BBa_B0034

Bidirectional Double Terminator: We used this Bidirectional Double Terminator from the part registry. Allows for the cessation of translation and the development of a protein expression system.
For more information go to: BBa_B0014

New Parts:


If you choose to include a Parts Submitted to the Registry page, please list your parts here. This is not necessary but it may be a nice list to keep track of.