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Human Prac

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What is DIYbio?

DIYbio is a novel research fashion which arised in recent years. The concept derived from computer DIY. Its idea is to purchase biological parts from free markets and construct novel organisms by splicing them reasonably. Supporters declare that DIYbio will bring about a method revolution while opponents worry that DIYbio will go out of control.

Followed with the rapid development of the bioindustry and bioinformatics, conducting experiments at home varies from a daydream to reality. Mainly based on genetic engineering technology and guided by specific purposes, some amateur biologists have establish a lab at home or in the community and engaged on manipulating the microorganisms by molecular cloning, in order to alter the characteristics of natural creatures.

What have we done to study DIYbio?

At first, we discuss freely about each topics about DIYbio, like its development, its difficulty to implement, the problem of biosafety and so on. The discussion results are sorted out a little to become our overview about DIYbio. Then we conducted a novel and interesting survey about the availability of necessary experimental materials to DIY at home. Results were collected and suggestions were proposed according to the analysis. At last, some further reading materials are provided in the Reference page.