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PKU iGEM 2009 Team

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Who is "LM"? Is he really POO? And who is "GRC"? Is he really hungry?Just kidding, this is a cartoon made by Tiffany Saw, an exchange member from UCSF team.

This year, Peking University team consists of 12 members, from 2 different schools and majoring in 3 different subjects. Our diverse background makes our project run smoothly. By clicking "Team Member" on the left side, you can take a glimpse of our team members. We also set up a personal page for each member, you can view them by clicking corresponding names.

Don't forget, you can also find out some information about our school, Peking University, our sponsors and our previous achievement by clicking corresponding links on the left side.

One more thing...Are you good at Chinese? There's a challenge hidden in this section. Try to solve it and send the answer to us. We'll reveal the answer at Jamboree!