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Min Lin

  • Name Min Lin
  • Major/Year 4th Yr in Life Science
  • Interest Paper/Ribbon folding, Bicycle, Programming, Singing......
  • Academics Interest Biological Science(Systems Biology, NeuroBiology)
  • Email mavenlin AT
  • Motto Freedom through truth for service.
  • Self Description I joined a neuro-lab in 2008, research on Protein Kinase C function in the process of drug addiction by Conditioned Place Preference experiments. After the study of Biochemistry(metabolism), I became quite interested in the metabolic pathways and regulations. Since I am also interested in programming, For sometime I am fasinated in simulating the metabolic pathways on computer and devoted myself to write a software for building ODE models. The software provides a GUI for input of the variants and parameters, and generate ODE itself. However, the software was aborted because I found too much bug in it, and the core calculation is done by matlab, bugs in calling matlab from java(which I use to write the GUI) can hardly be found. Later, I came to iGEM, and proposed ideas, and that's why I'm writing here. Well, today wiki will freaze, it is 3 am, I'd better finish editing the wiki, I'll write more here if wiki would be reopened.
Min Lin