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Tiffany Saw

'ello everybody!

My name is Tiffany Saw and I'd like to thank you for coming to my page! Next fall, I will be a freshman at UC San Diego where I will be majoring in Bioengineering: Biotechnology. Last year, I was a member of the UCSF iGEM team (you can check my page from last year if you want more random information about me) and I look forward to seeing most of my teammates and buddies again at the Jamboree!

My hobbies include eating, fencing, taking jumping pictures, and of course - mini-preps! I'm usually a very happy and upbeat person, but this summer I have discovered my worst enemy: mosquitoes. That isn't to say I haven't enjoyed PKU - the people here are great and I'm very thankful for it. Well, I guess that's all! Goodbye! :]

Tiffany Saw