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Where we are

Located 5 minutes walk from the Luxembourg Gardens at the Paris Descartes Medicine Faculty in Cochin, the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity CRI was founded in 2005 as a convivial place at the crossroad between Life Sciences and exact, natural, cognitive and social sciences. Our environment includes a fully-equipped seminar room, a meeting room, office space for visiting professors, a library and coffee rooms and a modelling as well as wet-lab space. The CRI supported its students over three years ago to form the first French team to the iGEM and the tradition is continuing... This is where all happened!

Student Team

Christophe Chabbert

Mathematics, Mines Paris Tech
AKA "Colonel Chabbert", he is our specialist in modelling especially for an "easy/ordinary" delay system. He likes sciences (really ?? ), his iGEM co-workers ;-), pizzas, burger and ... wait for it .... Coca-cola

Caroline Loy

Biology, Master 1 AIV
After 3 months as a cow-girl in the middle of nowhere (Scotland), she decided to make animal experimentation on bacteria =D

Romain Bodinier

Biology, UTC
Still wondering why he is here ... (Is he looking for a new bacto-foot after the lost of his left one ???). But he represented the last hope for the team, because with Luc, they were the only survivors to maintain the Lab Work during September and October !

Soufiane Boumahdi

Biochemistry, Insa Lyon
Every team needs to have "panem et circenses", Soufifi is here for entertaining us. Be careful for the jamboree, The crazy singer is coming !!! stay close to him and you will understand.... hoo year you will.

Charlotte Olivier

Biology/genetics, European Magister of Genetic and Management/marketing: Specialized Master in management and marketing for the pharmaceutical industry, ESCP-Europe
Our Obiwan Kenoby of the lab (without the laser saber)!!!
Stoff's note : i may say that she is more like princess Leyla :D

Guillaume Beauclair

Biology/Infectiology, Paris 7
Labholic --> working too hard could be dangerous for your health (too much vegetables also). Our 20hour/day lab worker

Sara Aguiton

Social Studies of Science, EHESS
Please, use simple ethical words when you are talking to a scientist assembly ;-)

Christophe Richard

Biology/Informatics, Master AIW
AKA "Bibi", he can talk to computer (Respect !!!!) but not to iPhone ... what a shame for an iPhone developer

Luc Malfondet

Physics/ Nanotechnology & Nanobioscience Master 2 AIV
Open-minded guy !!!!!

Pierre Escamilla

Mathematics, Supelec
Cafeino-man and modellingo-man.
Spanisho-man and algorythmo-man.

Sylvain Hélas-Othenin

Chemistry, Ecole Normale Supérieure , Master 2 AIV
Graduation in Chemistry at Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris - Interdisciplinary Master in Life Sciences at Université Paris Descartes, Paris ... but currently lost in the Middle-East !

Vicard Du

Biology, Master 1 AIV
Uncle Mc Donalds is his best friend

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Ariel Lindner

Co-initiator of the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity (, Ariel is an INSERM tenured senior researcher and director of the Interdisciplinary Approaches to Life Sciences ('AIV') master program at the Paris Descartes and Diderot Universities. Ariel has graduated from the Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel) "Amirim" interdisciplinary program with major in Chemistry and received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot, Israel) in Chemical Immunology for his work on catalytic antibodies as enzyme models, antibody conformational changes and directed evolution. After a research period at the Scripps Institute (California, USA), he received EMBO and Marie Curie fellowships to pursue postdoctoral work in Paris. His study interests evolve around applying Physical, Chemical and Biological approaches to study aging and variability between clonal individuals. Ariel has been leading the Paris iGEM team since its conception over three years ago and cannot wait to bring another trophy home...

Samuel Bottani

Trained as a physicist, natural evolution made me shift from cosmology to molecular biology. I'm interested in a variety of scientific issues and their applications. I'm inspired by beauty and how forms, behaviors and ideas emerge and this drives me in my explorations of the wonders on Nature. Primarily how complex structures and behavior emerge and evolve. We are in an extraordinary period where never so many details have been known on living organisms. Whole genomes are known and extraordinary technological advances enable in vivo tracking and action on single cells and molecules. There is the feeling that a new level of understanding of Life is about to be gained, with fantastic potential for the evolution of humanity. I am eager to participate to endeavor and by my research and critical thinking. It is my opinion that scientists, as highly and costly educated citizens have social duty for the collectivity. Engagement in education is essential, ethical concern and involvement in technological and business matters for the benefit of all. I am co-director of the international Ph.D. program "Frontières du Vivant" (Frontiers in Life Sciences, of the Universities Paris Descartes and Paris Diderot for interdisciplinary research programs on Life Sciences issues. Hosted at the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity ( as the IGEM Paris team we support active approaches in education for interdisciplinary research.

François Le Fèvre

Biocomputational scientist
My research interests lie in the intersection of bioinformatics, and applied software engineering. My approach to research involves an interplay between experimental and theoretical modeling techniques, and is focused towards identifying and elucidating new knowledge interesting for biologists.
Genomic Institute : Genoscope
French Atomic Energy Commission : CEA
Personal home page : SynBioCamp

Gregory Batt

INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt


Guillaume Cambray

Pasteur Institute Post Doctoral student

David Bikard

2nd year PhD student in Biology at the Pasteur Institute
iGEM Paris 2007 team member

Fanny Caffin

1st year PhD student in molecular & cellular Biology at Paris XI University
iGEM Paris 2008 team member
...Your flight attendant at your service...

Benoît d'Hayer

Pharmacy at the Paris Descartes University
Master's degree of the European Master of Genetic
iGEM Paris 2008 team member
Where is Ploum?

Yann Le Cunff

Applied Mathematics, Supelec
iGEM Paris 2008 team member
Pierre's and Colonel's biggest fan EVER.