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This year, our submitted part (BBa_K217000) is a mammalian construct that constitutively produces the tat-GFP fusion protein (for details, see the Project Page. The promoter of the part is a constitutive CMV (cytomegalovirus) promoter, so the cell with this plasmid will constantly produce tat-GFP. The tat-GFP will then diffuse out of the cell (due to tat's membrane-crossing characteristics). In essence, the cell will be shooting out little "green bullets".

Because tat has "infectious" properties (it can cross cellular membranes with ease), tat-GFP automatically causes this part to be at a Biosafety Level 2, and so should be handled with care. For more details see the Safety Page.

Click here to see our part page in the Registry of Standard Biological Parts: Part BBa_K217000.