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(Who we are...and what we did)
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|Do science.  We do.
|Do science.  We do.
|[[Image:Team.png|center|frame|We do science.]]
||[[Image:PUTeamInside.JPG|center|500px|We do science.]]

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Do science. We do.
We do science.

Who we are...and what we did


Janie Stine - Biological Engineering

  • Modeling
  • Wiki Editing

Jessamine Osborne - Genetics & Development

  • Ultra-crazy scientific stuff
  • Cell culture

Sung Ma - Mathematics

  • Bits of everything
  • Website???

Joe Bretzman - Chemical Engineering

  • Bits of everything

Brad Fawaz - Technical Writing

  • Fundraising

Noah Isch - Biology

  • Um...cell culture, anyone?

Brett Gibson - Computer Graphics

  • Wiki Design

Lukas Ly - Biochemistry...from Scotland!

  • Visualization Experiments


Dr. Rickus - Prof. of Biomedical Engr., Agricultural & Biological Engr.

Dr. Clase - Professor of Biotechnology

Craig Barcus - Graduate Student

David Jaroch - Graduate Student

Where we're from

Purdue University is located in West Lafayette, shown here:
West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
On campus, our lab space is located in the Bindley Bioscience Center (a really awesome building):
The BBC (no, not the British Broadcasting Channel!)
Individually, we're from all over the Midwest United States. Here's a map: