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Laboratory One: Harry, Bogdan, James, Bryant

Laboratory Two: Kate, Mike

Tech Support and Laboratory Three: Parthiv, Chris, Chris

Laboratory One: Harry, Bogdan, James, Bryant


-Lab Meeting

-Finished the sequence for the surface expression construct

-Finalized to-do list

-Mini-prepped the following:

. -Linker K157013 Plate 3, Well 3G, plasmid Bba_K157000(A)

. -TEV Protease

. -I712078 (C-Terminus) Plate 2, Well 14M, plasmid J70003 (A)

. -I712077 (N-Terminus) Plate 2, Well 14K, plasmid J70003 (A)

. -pLux

. -R0062 (not leaky) Plate 1, Well 6O, plasmid pSB1A2 (A)

. -R1062 (median strength in the absence of luxR/HSL) Plate 1, Well 8G, plasmid pSB1A2 (A)

. -HO-pcyA

. -K098010 Plate 3, Well 11N, plasmid pSB3k3 (K)

. -Terminator

. -B0015 Plate 1, Well 23L, plasmid pSB1AK3 (AK)

. -RFP

. -E1010 Plate 1, Well 18F, plasmid pSB2K3 (K)

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