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Project management notebook

Week 1 - BioBricks, primers, protocols and more

Plasmid backbone

7.july: Helle and Mike

We found a plasmid backbone, that works in both e. coli and b. subtilis (that is, both in gram negative and gram positive bacteria). It has a quality star.

The plasmid backbone is called BBa_I742123, and can be found here:

It seems that the backbone works with all e. coli type, both we're not a 100%.

The backbone is resistant to the following antibiotics: chloramphenicol, neomycin & gentamicin.

Ordering: we've written HQ, requesting the part since we cant figuar out how to get it via the registry.

E. coli strain

The plasmid seems to be working in most types (no need for ccdB) Jacob suggests E. coli KG22, which can turns on the operon by adding IPTG.

Week 2 - ?