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Project introduction. Inspired by the natural regulator of circadian bioclock exhibited in most eukaryotic organisms, our team has designed an E.coli-based genetic network with the toxin-antitoxin system so that the bacterium oscillates between two states of dormancy and activity (more...)

Parts & devices

Parts overview

Go to PartsRegistry to see our submited parts.

DNA gel electrophoresis verification

Almost all of our parts have been detected after enzyme digestion. The following DNA electrophoresis pictures prove our parts to be accurate and reliable.

SJTU09 Result html 47688d36.png
  1. Lane2: BBa_K185000 RelE toxin+Rbs30 311bp OK
  2. Lane3: BBa_K185001 Arabinose-induced RelE Generator 1791bp Failed
  3. Lane4: BBa_K185002 Lon Protease+Double terminater 2492bp OK
  4. Lane5: BBa_K185003 RelE toxin+Lon proteas 2827bp OK
  5. Lane6: BBa_K185004 RelE toxin+Double terminator 443bp OK

SJTU09 Result html m3e71a479.png

SJTU09 Result html 78756540.png
  1. Lane3: BBa_K185007 Promoter116+RBS34+lLacI+Double-terminator+Plac+RBS31 1514bp OK
  2. Lane5: BBa_K185016 Promoter118+RBS34+LacI+Double-terminator+Plac+RBS31 1514bp OK
  3. Lane15: BBa_K185018 Promoter118+QPI+RBS30+RelB+Double-terminator 1454bp OK
  4. Lane17: BBa_K185036 Promoter110+QPI+RBS34+RelB+Double-terminator 1433bp OK
  5. Lane20: BBa_K185011 Promoter116+QPI+RBS31+RelB+Double-terminator 1435bp OK

SJTU09 Result html m41139464.png
  • Lane13: BBa_K185053 Promoter116+RBS34+LacI+Double-terminator+pPlac+RBS31+RelE+RBS30+Lon protease+Double terminator 4347bp OK

SJTU09 Result html 51e6b685.png
  1. Lane10: BBa_K185012 Promoter116+RBS34+LacI+Double-terminator+Plac+RBS34 1347bp OK
  2. Lane12: BBa_K185019 Promoter118+RBS34+LacI+Double-terminator+Plac+RBS34 1512bp OK

SJTU09 Result html m33466830.png
  1. Lane 2&3: BBa_K185045 Composite J23110+Q01121 1416bp OK
  2. Lane 4&5: BBa_K185046 Composite J23110+Q01121 1416bp OK
  3. Lane 6&7: BBa_K185042 Composite J23110+Q04510 1030bp OK
  4. Lane 8&9: BBa_K185043 Composite J23116+Q04510 1030bp OK
  5. Lane 10&11 BBa_K185044 Composite J23118+Q04510 1030bp OK

SJTU09 Result html m6dee86aa.png
  1. Lane 5&6&7: BBa_K185037 Composite J23116+Q04510+B0031 1052bp OK
  2. Lane 8-12: BBa_K185038 Composite J23116+Q04510+B0034 1050bp OK
  3. Lane 15&17&18&19: BBa_K185039 J23118+Q04510+B0030 1053bp OK
  4. Lane 20&21: BBa_K185040 J23118+Q04510+B0031 1052bp OK

SJTU09 Result html m4da2a007.png
  • Lane 2-8: BBa_K185034 Device J23116+Q04510+B0034+K185048 1433bp OK

SJTU09 Result html m2f8f0e15.png
  • Lane 4: BBa_K185005 Generator J23116+Q04510+B0034+K185048+K185005 3298bp OK

SJTU09 Result html 6014a841.png
  • Lane 2-9: BBa_K185051 Composite J23110+B0034+BBa_K185008+BBa_K185009 2748bp PCR analysis (plasmid backbone added) OK

SJTU09 Result html 2fd90b58.png
  • Lane 2, 4, 6, 7: BBa_K185052 Regulatory 1342bp PCR analysis (backbone sequence added) OK

SJTU09 Result html 2f372603.png

SJTU09 Result html m2ac05772.png

SJTU09 Result html ad92060.jpg
  • Lane 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11: BBa_K185033 inverter 1514bp OK

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