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:*'''Student 13''':    Timothée Kirkhus   
:*'''Student 13''':    Timothée Kirkhus   
===Scientific Communication Team===
===Scientific Communication Team===

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Who we are


  • Instructor 1: Pierre OUGEN

Pierre OUGEN is the project director of Sup'Biotech Paris and also immunology teacher. He is holder of two bachelors in Biochemistry and Human Biology, a master of Immunology (Institut Pasteur) and a PhD-Biochemistry Immunology.

Team Leader at the Jean-Dausset Foundation, he built the Bank of 'Mega-YACs Humans. He has worked on mapping the genome of maize (Optical Mapping Project), but also on the Semliki-Virus to be produced by genetic recombination, recombinant human proteins for therapeutic purposes. Finally, his experiments led him to meet with Ian Wilmut and his team, creator of the famous sheep "Dolly".

  • Instructor 2: Gavin BROWNE
Gavin BROWNE is Industrial Economy and Science Communication Teacher, he is also in charge of International Relationship.


R&D Team

  • Student 6: Enguerrand Habran

  • Student 7: Damien Parrello

  • Student 8: David Charoy

  • Student 9: Thierry Leclerc

  • Student 10: Cyprien Verseux

  • Student 11: Aurélie Négrel

  • Student 12: Nassrine Lablack

  • Student 13: Timothée Kirkhus

Scientific Communication Team

  • Student 1: Gaella Azzi

  • Student 2: Yolène Monédéro

  • Student 3: Ranya Jamali

  • Student 4: Emma Valette

  • Student 5: Emmanuelle Chevrier


  • Advisor 1:

Sup'Biotech Paris

  • Sup’Biotech is an engineering school located in Paris and specialized in Biotechnology. It is part of the IONIS Institute of Technology technological cluster, the first French private higher education group.
  • Sup’Biotech’s education is a multidisciplinary balance between scientific and engineering qualifications (theoretical lessons, laboratory experiences and projects), management skills, industrial know-how as well as knowledge of the international biotechnology market. Professors come from universities, research centers and private companies.
During the Bachelor cycle, all projects require the realization of marketing and industry intelligence studies, including interviews well established professionals in the biotechnological companies.
  • Technological projects: to find solutions for technological topics in different fields (molecular biology, microbiology, immunology).
  • Innovative projects: to conceive and develop a novel service or product from the drawing board to commercialization.
  • Communication projects: to develop communication tools and operations, and press releases.
  • Company’s projects: to present a biotechnological company (history, activities, market, competitors and prospects).