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Time-Delay Device

Synthetic Transcriptional Cascade

It is interesting to test the time-delay device including a constitutive LacI generator and incorporate control as planned, in order to have more reliable results. The complete sequences of the biobricks are being confirmed now.

Biosynthetic AND gate

It might be interesting to construct the planned biobricks here in order to corroborate that a time-delay behavior can be achieved using post-transcriptional mechanisms. Moreover, it is promising to obtain a time-delay using both transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation in which the researchers can have more parameters to tune the time of the delay.

Lock and Key Library

In order to completely characterize the new riboregulators, the constructed plasmids should be enhanced by the addition of a LacI generator and they should be tested. Although the algorithm and the online generator seem to work, future work on the interface with the user should be improved.