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In biochemistry experiments, expression and getting objective protein is popular. But the procedure is almost vexatious complication due to need many solutions and centrifugations. So we hope to solve this trouble to construct alternative easily system with synthetic biology. The system we named Escherichia coli auto protein synthesizer. It has three components. 1. light switches 2. Aggregation 3. Signal count system. A figure that shows procedures this system is below. We only have to irradiate E.coli three times and purification to get proteins in it.

By first induction with red light, objective protein is expressed in E.coli. Then same induction repeated, but Antigen 43 that is protein for aggregation E.coli is expressed by signal count system. Once medium replaced, we think that we use blue light with phycoerythrine as receptor. Thereby, holin and endolysin are expressed and lysis Ecoli. Finally, by purification of objective protein, this system is completed.

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