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  Aequorin-GFP coding Sequence containing plasmid was kindly provide by French scientist() We use PCR to Pst1 site at both ends of Aequorin-GFP coding Sequence. Then we insert Aequorin-GFP lst into TA vector to have easier cloning step3 to have it inserted in out ompC promoter plasmid. Because cloning into TA vector will allow us to ohtc equate am of Aequorin-GFP into ompC promoter plasmid. We have to determine the orientation of the Aequorin-GFP insert and choice the rights 5’to3’ orientation.

  Dues to late start of our project will we still in our project in trying to insert A-G into PSB1A3 we hope we will successfully construct the plasmid we need and transform into CP919. Finally we will determine the optimal Ca2+ concentrations that can have maximal illuminating of A-G in bacteria to create aim biolight .