Team:TzuChiU Formosa/Notebook


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2009.03  IGEM recuiting Poster

People from different department groups together after they see the poster.

2009.03.14  Experience sharing

NYMU-Taipei2008 IGEM team came to TCU and shared Experience with TZU-CHI university.

2009.05.07  Firt meeting

Introduction of IGEM and advisors.

2009.05.15  2nd meeting

Groups formed and started brain storming.

2009.05.28  3rd meeting

Brain stormung and two project out of 12 were voted.

2009.07~2009.09  English course

English conversation course on Wednesdays, Thursdays.

2009.08.09  Japanese friends visited

Interactive friendship with University of Tokyo, and Chiba University, Japan.

2009.08.31  4th meeting

Progress report of the two groups.

2009.09.14  5th meeting

chose 1 team out of 2 .

2009.09.19  6th meeting

Reference searching.

2009.09.23  7th meeting

Reference searching and Determined the experimental designs.

2009.09.30  8th meeting with adviser

Reference searching and experimental designs report to advisors.

2009.10.2  9th meeting

Duties assigned. Started WIKI editing

2009.10.11  10th meeting

Progress report and upload project, protocals to wiki.

2009.10.15  11th meeting

Progress report.

2009.10.17  12th meeting

Upload results, discussion, notebook to wiki.

2009.10.20  13th meeting

Progress report and modification of wiki with advisors.  


2009.10.06  OmpC promoter transformation.

2009.10.09 Streak out OmpC promoter,pSB1A2 plasim extraction.

2009.10.11 OmpC stock.

2009.10.12  T-A cloning.

2009.10.13 T-Atransformation.

2009.10.14 Cloning PCR.

2009.10.16  T-A cloning.

2009.10.20  Digestion, Gel extration

2009.10.21  Gel extration