Team:TzuChiU Formosa/Notebook


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2009.03  Poster found

People of different fields found Poster.

2009.03.14  Experience sharing

National Yang-Ming University 2008 IGEM team shared Experience to TZU-CHI university.

2009.05.07  Firt meeting

Introduction of IGEM and adviser.

2009.05.15  2nd meeting

Number of member identify.

2009.05.28  3th meeting

Idea report, chose 2 idea from 12,and experimented.

2009.07~2009.09  English class

Enhanced the English proficiency on Wednesday,Thursday.

2009.08.09  Japanese friends visited

Set up friendship with University of Tokyo, Chiba University, Japan.

2009.08.31  4th meeting

Progress report of the two groups.

2009.09.14  5th meeting

chose 1 team from 2 teams.

2009.09.19  6th meeting

Data of Searching report.

2009.09.23  7th meeting

Data of Searching report and Determined the direction of the experiment.

2009.09.30  8th meeting with adviser

Data of Searching and the direction of the experiment report to adviser.

2009.10.2  9th meeting

The distribution of staff that working and upload the team to wiki.

2009.10.11  10th meeting

Progress report and uplosd project, protocal to wiki.

2009.10.15  11th meeting

Progress report.

2009.10.17  12th meeting

Upload result, discussion, notebook to wiki.

2009.10.20  13th meeting

Progress report and modification of wiki with adviser.  


2009.10.06  OmpC promoter transformation.

2009.10.09 Streak out OmpC promoter,pSB1A2 plasim extraction.

2009.10.11 OmpC stock.

2009.10.12  T-A cloning.

2009.10.13 T-Atransformation.

2009.10.14 Cloning PCR.

2009.10.16  T-A cloning.

2009.10.20  Digestion, Gel extration

2009.10.21  Gel extration