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No more electricity, No more pollution; The Midnight Apollo!

In Taipei Taiwan alone, on average 768 mega watt of electricity for streetlamps was consumed every night (Department Public works, Taipei City government). It is beyond our imagination how much energy was consumed for the whole world. In Taiwan there are 9 power stations generated by coal, and produce 269.1 million tons of CO2 every year (based on data from CARMA), Power stations are major causes for global warming. Therefore, we would like to create” biolight” that can reduce CO2 generation and attenuate degree of global warming.

We plan to create a new organism that doesn’t need electricity and cause no pollution, we will call “The Midnight Apollo”. “The Midnight Apollo” will be turned on when surrounding area turns dark and will be turned off automatically when the environment is bright. The idea is based on two systems, Cph8 and aequorin/GFP. The Cph8 is regulated by the visible light that can activate protein translation of an illuminating system. This illuminating system use aequorin/GFP to light up the environment.

We hope The Midnight Apollo could be applied in producing energy-saved streetlamp, emergency lighting, or may even be used as searchlight.