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Image:DSC01599.JPG|YuanTai Tsai
Image:DSC01599.JPG|YuanTai Tsai
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Image:Yi_ting_wang.jpg|YiTing Wang
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In 1966, Master Cheng Yen established Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation which practices the philosophy of relieving suffering, giving happiness, helping the poor, and educating the rich. Nowadays, Tzu Chi people around the world reach out to the disaster areas, and relieve the suffering and agony of people in need.

Tzu Chi University was in the eastern region of Taiwan which established by Dharma Master Cheng Yen to raise the level of health care and education and to nurture students to do good deeds and help others. furthermore, our university expects the students to continue doing it even after they graduate from school.

With a spacious campus and green grass everywhere, Tzu Chi University provides well- equipped teaching facilities and a comfortable and graceful living environment, sponsors various student clubs, and provides a wonderful research atmosphere. This is a university that blends professionalism with humanitarianism very well.

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Who we are

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== TzuChiU Formosa is composed of four faculty advisors, couple grad students and about 50 undergraduates. All students grouped into five small teams by themselves and start brain storming their projects. After discussion, debating and revising, two projects were voted out so far. We have stared bench works and later will see which one is going better to become our project for iGEM2009.


  • Advisor 1: Ingrid Liu
  • Advisor 2: Woon Peng Y
  • Advisor 3: JH Chen
  • Advisor 4: Richard Yeng
  • Grad Student 1: Our leader


  • Student 1: Alex Huang
  • Student 2: Emily Chang
  • Student 3: RuoYu Wang
  • Student 4: DaJune Lin
  • Student 5: HsiaYun Chen
  • Student 6: XuZhe Liu
  • Student 7: YiChun Chen
  • Student 8: ShihTing Hsu
  • Student 9: YuanTai Tsai
  • Student 10: YiTing Wang

What we did

(Provide proper attribution for all work)

Where we're from

We are from Tzu Chi University, located at Eastern Taiwan. Please check out our school web page to view our beautiful campus. Tzu Chi University