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*''' Advisor 1''':    Mentor for all
*''' Instructor 1''':    Joan Albiol Sala
*'''Advisor 2''':     Our favorite
*''' Instructor 2''':     Juan Antonio Baeza Labat
*'''Grad Student 1''':    Our leader 
*''' Instructor 3''':    Pau Ferrer Alegre 
*'''Student 1''':    Sleepyhead
*'''Student 1''':    Albert Canet Morral
*'''Student 2''':    Math nerd
*'''Student 2''':    Ruben Fernández Moya
*'''Student 3''': Is going to save the world
*'''Student 3''':   Fátima Franco
*'''Student 4''':    Loves iGEM
*'''Student 4''':    Antonio Freire González = Loves iGEM
*'''Student 5''': A normal student... or(r) am I?
*'''Student 5''':   Belén García Lareu
*'''Student 6''': Table football fan
*'''Student 6''':   Arturo Morales Portillo
*'''Student 7''':
*'''Student 7''':   Alberto Osuna Gálvez

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This is a template page. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS.
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Who we are


  • Instructor 1: Joan Albiol Sala
  • Instructor 2: Juan Antonio Baeza Labat
  • Instructor 3: Pau Ferrer Alegre


  • Student 1: Albert Canet Morral
  • Student 2: Ruben Fernández Moya
  • Student 3: Fátima Franco
  • Student 4: Antonio Freire González = Loves iGEM
  • Student 5: Belén García Lareu
  • Student 6: Arturo Morales Portillo
  • Student 7: Alberto Osuna Gálvez

What we did

(Provide proper attribution for all work)

Where we're from