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UAB iGEM 2009 Team


Who we are


  • Joan Albiol Sala
  • Juan Antonio Baeza Labat
  • Pau Ferrer Alegre


  • Marina Badia Fabregat
  • Albert Canet Morral
  • Ruben Fernández Moya
  • Fátima Franco González
  • Antonio Freire González
  • Belén García Lareu
  • Arturo Morales Portillo
  • Alberto Osuna Gálvez

Brief Introduction About Ourselves


Ruben Fernández Moya

Hi!! My name is Ruben and I am studying Chemical Engineering in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. I come from Mataró, a city near Barcelona (by the way it has an awesome party in the last days of July, you will be welcomed). I really like engineering biosystems and use microorganism wherever we need, especially simulate them mathematically. Apart of it I love watching The Big Bang Theory, the best TV series ever, and I usually play basketball, my favorite sport. See you in the Jamboree!!


Arturo Morales Portillo

I’m a student from the Faculty of Pharmacy in Granada. I’m a teaching assistant in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II. Besides molecular biology I’m interested in music, computers and going out with my friends.


Alberto Osuna Gálvez

My name is Alberto Osuna Gálvez and I’m studying 4th of Pharmacy at the University of Granada. I’m a teaching assistant in the department of Medicinal Chemistry. My passions are chemistry, anime and sleep 14 hours per day. Definitely, I’m a truly biological machine!


Antonio Freire González

Hi everyone! I am Antonio Freire González and I come from Vigo, the most populated city in Galicia and the biggest fishing port in Europe.

I am studying 4th year of Pharmacy in the University of Santiago de Compostela, famous worldwide thanks to its cathedral, where pilgrims from all around the world head to. I’m a teaching assistant in the department of Medicinal Chemistry.

My passions are waking up Alberto at 6 AM and sleeping in every possible place. I have already slept behind a box in the lab, laid on a bench in the corridors of the Engineering School ...

I also have other less important hobbies, like playing basketball or geography

See you all in BOSTON!