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  • The Stress Busters would like to thank everybody for their help and support.

We would personally like to thank: Dr Eli-keshavarz moore, Dr Darren N Nesbeth, Professor John Ward, Dr Karen Smith and Dr Chris Grant ; for their profound commitment to the Stress Busters as well as their immense advice.

  • The Imperial college team, who minipreped and donated one of their parts form their 2007 repositry. The Stress Busters are internally grateful for their assistance.
  • Moreover, thanks to the following sponsors who have aided the success of the 'Stress Lighter' project:

Lonza Biologics

Eli Lilly


University College of London

The Department of Biochemical Engineering



Fly Prints

  • Finally but not the least, we would also like to appreciate Paula Thomas for her administrative help and support.

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