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UCL_London iGEM survey

A questionnaire was created in order to get a profound understanding on the opinion of those at UCL as well as the general public's view.

The questionnaire can be seen at the following website:


96 completed the questionnaire and the results are shown as follows.

What is ur gender.JPG

What continent do yo originate from.JPG

How did u hear abour igem.JPG

Do u support the modification.JPG

Donkey or prokaryote.JPG

Do u support the constructionredesign.JPG

Life sacred.JPG

Do uagreesdisagree.JPG


Living organisms.JPG

Playing God.JPG


Synthetic Biology unlike Bio-engineering or Biology is a new area in Science and Technology. Looking at the results from the questionnaire, alot of people do not understand what synthetic biology really is about. The results also convey that people fear that standardised biological parts and devices can be modified and used for the harm of the public.

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