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Parts Submitted to the Registry (Link)

Name Type Description Designer Length(bp)
BBa_K239000Regulatory DegP promoter, activated by Phosporylated CpxR and SigmaEAxel Nystrom233
BBa_K239001Regulatory Spy promoter, activated by Phosporylated CpxR, BaeR and Sigma70Axel Nystrom162
BBa_K239005Regulatory NarK promoter, Fnr activated by 100-fold under anaerobic conditionsAxel Nystrom139
BBa_K239006Regulatory Modified NarK promoterAxel Nystrom89
BBa_K239009Device GFP test devise for Spy promoter Xiang Chen1045
BBa_K239010Device GFP test devise for NarK promoter Xiang Chen1022
BBa_K239011Device GFP test devise for mNarK promoter Xiang Chen972
BBa_K239015Device GFP test devise for DegP promoter (BBa_K239000)Axel Nystrom1116

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