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July                August              September

        Before beginning the wet lab portion of our project, we have read numerous articles and journals relevant to our proposed project, and have utilized this information to guide our part designs.  After significant research, design and redesign, we have settled on the final design for our two key parts, and plan for their construction.
        We have begun ordering the necessary reagents for our work.  This includes, selecting the parts required for our project from those provided by the iGEM parts distribution, oligonucleotides for extracting them, and for the synthesis of novel parts via Polymerase Chain Reaction, PCR, and the DNA synthesis of several novel parts from GENEART.
        We have recently started the synthesis and assembly of the initial elements required for the secretion system.

        After reading the numerous articles we dug up in regards to our project, we have designed our project; in blue print form of structural wet lab experimentation, as well as the techniques, materials, equipment, and time required to complete our project.

        The parts and a majority of the reagents we have ordered necessary for our work have arrived, and we are in the stages of conducting experiments to construct our parts.  We have to construct, test, and prove through sequencing as well as other miscellaneous techniques that we truly have the parts we want in our constructs.  So the progress for the month of August varies greatly on almost a daily basis.
        Apart from the wet lab portion of our project, we have also begun the initial stages of building our wiki.  We have begun to revise our information regarding the team, biomedical engineering, and how it is UC Davis’s inauguration year into the iGEM competition.