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We would like to thank and acknowledge the sponsors below. This project would not be possible without you!

Team-UNC Chapel Hill-idt.png Integrated DNA Technologies
Team-UNC Chapel Hill-fer.jpg Fermentas Life Sciences
Team-UNC Chapel Hill-gen.jpg Genesee Scientific

Becoming a Sponsor


  1. Project is paid for through sponsorship. The UNC iGem team's expenses are all funded through the good will of their sponsors. Quite simply this project is not possible without the help of our sponsors.
  2. Support Science Education and Undergraduate Research. We have a great group of young scientists who are eager to start work on a unique project that promotes collaborative and entrepreneurial science. The work we do will develop scientists for the future and provide the opportunity for students from a large range of academic backgrounds (chemistry, biology, engineering, physics, mathematics, and computer science) to work together to achieve a common goal.
  3. Support Synthetic Biology. Synthetic Biology has the potential to change science research in many profound ways. Everyone involved in the science industry including sponsors have everything to gain.

What could be donated and sponsored?

  1. Lab Supplies. We will need various lab supplies and equipment.
  2. Trip to the Jamboree. The Jamboree is the culminating iGem event in October. Students will showcase their results and be judged. Sponsors could pay for air fare, hotel stay, and the attendance fee.
  3. Student Expenses. Students are living over the summer at Chapel Hill/Durham to work on the iGem project. Sponsorship could be used to help pay for the basic student expenses such as housing and food.

What are benefits of becoming a sponsor?

We will acknowledge all sponsors on this website, on our t-shirts, and in our presentations and posters. Plus you have our eternal gratitude!

Who do I contact?

Please contact Shawn,Scott, or Karthik for any questions, comments, or potential sponsorship requests. Thank you!