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The UQ Team


Michael Milevskiy.
Michael Milevskiy:

Studying: Bachelor of BioMedical Science, Specialising in Genetics and Developmental Biology

About me: I love basketball, which is why i am in Boston I will definitely be going to see a Celtics game. I find genetics and the development and differentiation of embryos to be the most interesting aspects of biology. After iGEM is done for the year i plan on undergoing a research project and maybe do something closely related to one of our projects.
Richard Schlegel.
Richard Schlegel:

Studying: Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Specialising in Physiology, Pharmacology, and Neuroscience

About me: I love to travel & have been to places around the world such as Japan, Bali, the Philippines, and Hawaii. I've been to USA before, & would love to go again. After iGEM, I am interested in pursuing other research projects, possibly involving cardiac physiology. I love 'lazy days at home', and 'cooking up a storm' in the kitchen in my spare time.
Katelin Haynes.
Katelin Haynes:

Studying: Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Biomedical Science

About me: I'm looking forward to summer break, to complete my other research project. I wish I had more spare time, and I love it when I can laze around at home and devour novels (while eating chocolate, of course!).
Florencia Camus.
Florencia Camus:

Studying: Bachelor of Science (Majors in Genetics and Evolutionary Biology)

About me: Originally from Chile, Flo has lived in Canada, Chile and Australia (not in that order). She knew that science was her calling after working all her senior year at Santiago College on Drosophila melanogaster on the inheritance of sex-linked traits. Graduated with honours in the subject of biology she moved to the University of Queensland for her Bachelors degree where she has spent the last three years. During her first two years she was a Vacation Scholar for Prof. Istvan Toth where she searched for Beta-lactam antibiotic carriers, in order to make them orally available. Currently she is in Dr. Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos lab testing sexual selection in angiosperms and the rapid evolution of reproductive proteins
Liam Nolan.
Liam Nolan:

Studying: Bachelors of Science/Engineering(Chemical and Biological)

Interests: Research, piano, choir(x2), soccer, tennis, and everything nerdy...

In his spare time: Spare time? SPARE time?!

Other: Perhaps a little too enthusiastic about cards, Monty Python and Black Books for his own good.

Tom Partridge.
Tom Partridge:

Studying: Bachelor of Biotechnology(Majoring in Microbial Biotechnology) Interests: Besides from being a self-confessed cricket fanatic I love to travel having recently visited Europe and Japan. iGEM has sparked my interest in research as until now I have had only little hands-on experience in the lab. The most exciting aspect of synthetic biology to me is the potential for new and innovative solutions to global problems. I am most interested in the bacteriology/virology aspect of microbial biotechnology and plan to undertake a research project over the summer holidays involving ecology and diagnosis of emerging infectious diseases. In my spare time I love to play cricket, rugby, soccer and squash.

Robert Brennan.
Robert Brennan:

Studying: Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Specialising in Human Genetics

About me: Essentially I live for science and knowledge in general, this is why I jumped at the chance to involve myself in the iGEM competition. For a few years now I have seen genetics as the most interesting aspect of biology, closely followed by virology and microbiology in general. At the moment I could think of nothing better than being able to continue on after my degree into postgrad work, such as a PhD, in the same field.

Tam Nguyen.
Tam Nguyen:

About me: I am a Vietnamese... Only came to Australia for 3 years and have known about serious research for only 1.5 years... But now, I know, for sure, research is significant and interesting to me.

Studying:Bachelor of biomedical science (Major in Microbiology-Immunology and Physiology (subject to be changed!)).

Interest:Would love to know as much as about cancer and involvement of microorganism in causing cancer. I am really fascinated by what tiny virus can do on our body. And how our body works as a system, and how it defends against microbial enemy, that's always great to know about...That's all about science interest.In my spare time, well I mean real real spare time, can do anything except reading lecture notes and writing reports.

Near future plan:Really looking forward to a summer research course in micro-immune field.

Luke Sturgess.
Luke Sturgess:

Studying: Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Specialising in Toxicology Interests: The power of toxics to stun, paralyze and in some cases kill the organisms prey or predators is quite amazing. The smallest drop of toxin is made up of thousands of different drugs all designed to stop and kill the organism to infects. By isolating and manupulating these lethal drugs, we can design new beneficial drugs using the power of millions of years of evolution which has carefully crafted the most effective peptides to bind to and elict either positve or harmful responses. This power is absolutely amazing and is why I jumped at the chance to get some real world labatory experience from this competition. My others interests are in fishing, rock climbing and I´m a complete sports nut.


Wally Thomas.
Wally Thomas: Chair of Physiology, Professor in the School of Biomedical Sciences. Or, his alter ego.... UQ-WheresWally.jpg
Peter Thorn.
Peter Thorn: All Mighty; Associate Professor in the School of Biomedical Sciences. His research speciality area is the physiology of secretory processes, particularly in the pancreas.
Phil Long.
Phil Long: Professor of Innovation and Educational Technology, and Founding director of the Centre for Education Innovaion and Technology within the University of Queensland.
Kelly Mathews.
Kelly Matthews: Student experience manager for the Faculty of Science.

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