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Our Vision

The world today is heading towards an energy crisis. This makes the need for novel ways to produce fuels in high yields a necessity. The main renewable source of energy we know of is the sun, and because of this our team choose to try to harvest this energy through the photosynthetic capability of cyano bacteria. Ethanol has been used as an energy source for decades and the means of using it are highly developed. The same is true for Butanol which holds many advantaged over ethanol in term of energy efficiency, safety of handling and ease of adaptability. If we could store the suns energy as alcohols, we could then use them in many different processes from powering your car to produce useful chemicals or just have a nice cyanobeer, which we do not officially recommend yet.

Our Brochure

Please feel free to have a look at our brochure.

Bioneer Biolegio Clontech Uppsala Genome Center