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Human Practices

We strongly feel that Human Practices are becoming more and more important in science. Since iGEM competition began in 2004, the number of teams that include Human Practices in their projects has increased exponentially. That's why we are dedicating lots of time and efforts writing a review about all topics discussed in all Human Practices reports from all iGEM teams and editions regarding safety, ethics, patents, etc. Additionally, we have interviewed experts in the area so to know their opinion about these topics.

Furthermore, we have also prepared a short survey to see what people from many different social and scientific backgrounds think about these issues. We get numerous and interesting data, as well as the largest compilation of Synthetic Biology definitions.

As a mean to encourage participation on the survey and to thank iGEM particpants efforts, we decided to offer collaborative teams with a series of honorary medals that teams are free to post on their wikis.

  • Collaboration Gold Medal

  • Collaboration Silver Medal

  • Collaboration Bronze Medal

Medals, medals, medals!!! We have updated last answers and ... New Collaborator Gold Medals for Calgary, Art Science Bangalore, UQ Australia, Brown, BCCS Bristol, LCG UNAM México and Berkeley Software!!! New Collaborator Silver Medals for SJTU BioX Shanghai and Victoria Australia!! And New Collaborator Bronze Medals for Bologna, USTC, Dresden, USTC Software, IIT Madras, Washington, ULB Brussels and UC Davis! Congratulations! ;)

SURVEY IS CLOSED!!! Thank you very much for all your responses! We have already published the results and conclusions here!!!

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