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Who we are


  • Advisor 1: Mentor for all
  • Advisor 2: Our favorite
  • Grad Student 1: Our leader


  • Candice Raeburn:

Candi is a 2nd year biotechnology student who enjoys making surprised facial expressions at beer in conical flasks (see picture right) and genetics. When she grows up she hopes to be taller and intends to save the world (to fulfil the young optimistic scientist stereotype). Candi enjoys: bioacoustics, behavioural genetics, entomology, biological chemistry, virology, biomimicry, nanotechnology and a nice pair of slacks. She has studied in Australia and the USA, and hopes to complete her degree in the UK next year.

  • Muriel Aldunate:

Muriel is in her 2nd year of studying biotechnology at RMIT University and has dedicated her life to science since she was five; when her parents bought her a microscope and she went around collecting helpless insects to inspect. In her spare time she aims to inspire future generations by assisting in teaching year 7 science & being a rolemodel that can turn "geek into sheek". She plans never to stop travelling the world, marvelling at it wonders and trying to understand everything in it.

  • Lyna Thach:

Lyna is currently studying an undergraduate degree at RMIT University; Bachelor of Applied Science (Pharmaceutical Sciences). She enjoys undertaking hands on work that involve chemicals, drugs and skilled work activities. By all means they’ve already got my best interest at heart. She decided to be part of the iGEM competition to broaden her knowledge in the laboratory field, and to have a feel of what it would be like to undertake some of the responsibilities of an Honours student.

  • Jasmine Panthaki:

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  • Danielle Kamato:

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  • Flora Yuen:

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  • Sebastian Ramov:

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  • Breegini Culas:

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  • Michelle Chayeb:

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