During the project we have generated 18 new biobricks, listed below. In our opinion the most important contribution for Registry are parts: , , , , , .

LacI/cI bistable switch (testdevice)
Cro binding box (OR1)
Cro protein
p53 protein
GFP under LacI promoter
GFP under araC promoter
Listeriolysin O
Bax protein
cI repressor under RBS.3
CFP under RBS.3
K177035 and K177036 composite
Thermosensitive cl repressor
p53 protein under RBS.3
YFP under RBS.3
Tetracycline repressor under RBS.3
Cro binding box (OR3)
OR1 crobox testing device
OR3 corbox testing device
Whole list of our parts (including Sandbox) can be found here

Will my parts work properly?... - thought Franek during the break