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Notebook Team Project Home

Please feel free to contact us at below e-mail address:

Pawel Krawczyk Marek Krzyzanowski Ania Olchowik Jarek Pankowski Monika Niepokojczycka Andrzej Prokop Franek Fijalkowski prof. Jacek Bielecki Kamil Koper Kamila Ornoch Kuba Piątkowski Sebastian Jelen

Instructors and Advisors

Prof. Jacek Bielecki

Prof. Jacek Bielecki

MSc, University of Warsaw, 1975
PhD, University of Warsaw, 1981
Associated professor, Warsaw University, 1995
Professor at University of Warsaw, 1996
Vice Dean of Faculty of Biology, 1996 - 1999, and 1999-2002


  • Germany , 1984, University of Tuebingen, 10 months
  • Germany, 1985, Max Planck Institute, 8 months
  • USA, 1989, University of Pennsylvania post doc, 2,5 years
  • USA, 1993, University of Pennsylvania, visiting prof., 3 months
  • USA, 1999, University of California, Berkeley, visiting prof., 2 months

Research interests:
Molecular mechanisms of virulence of bacteria Listeria monocytogenes, especially the role of a hemolysin, listeriolysin O (LLO). LLO is a 58 kDa sulphydryl-activated, pore-forming cytotoxin which allows L. monocytogenes to escape from the phagocytic vesicle in macrophage and causes actin cytoskeleton reorganization in infected cells. LLO- mutants are much less virulent and do not survive in macrophages.

Prof. Piotr Stepien

Prof. Piotr Stępień

In the end of June, due to logistic purposes, we've divided into two working groups: Pawinskiego and Miecznikowa (coming from the names of streets where our labs are located). Below you can find more information about each working group.

Miecznikowa group

We are working at the Faculty of Biology building, in the laboratory equiped by the Department of Virology and Department of Applied Microbiology. Our work is focused on the first element of our proposed system - the invasion operon. The supervisor of our group is Michael Lower and Marek Krzyżanowski is coordinating our work

Michał Lower

I come from Warsaw, our capital city :-). I study Biotechnology at University of Warsaw. My M. Sc. thesis in Department of Virology was about new method of rapid determination of type III DNA methyltransferase recognition sequences. Apart from molecular biology I'm passionated with computer programming.

Team members

Marek Krzyżanowski

Marek Krzyżanowski

I am a student at the Univeristy of Warsaw. My B.Sc thesis in Department of Molecular Biology is about colocalization of some nuclear proteins, as a part of elucidating biological role of ERH protein in human cells. Apart from biology I'm keen on motorsport and everything connected with cars.

Monika Niepokojczycka

I come from Warsaw and I’m a student of Biotechnology at the University of Warsaw. My B. Sc. thesis in Department of Immunology is about the role of Toll-like receptors in development and function of natural regulatory T cells. Apart from studing I'm keen on hiking, treking, photograpy and learnig what you can find to eat on your route;)

Monika Niepokojczycka
Franek Fijałkowski

Franek Fijałkowski

I come from Warsaw, and as most of our team I study Biotechnology at University of Warsaw.
I used to work in Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology on store-operated calcium channels in electrically non-excitable cells, but since September 2008 I have transfered to Department of Metabolic Regulation where I did my B. Sc. thesis on function of hypothalamic AMP-dependent kinase in the control of food intake.
I try do divide my free time between student associations (Student Association for Molecular Biology, and Student Association for Evolutionary Biology) and my precious animals - mainly tarantulas and scolopendras.

Anna Olchowik

I am a final year biotechnology student at the University of Edinburgh. Apart from biology I love traveling, ice skating and computer science, unfortunately it does not help me in becoming a better biologist. Programming is my standard cure for insomnia. I like having fun with sun technologies, recently SunSPOTs and JavaFx. I will fill this empty space below or find the smaller photo very soon.

Michał Kamiński

Michał Kamiński

I come from Warsaw and I'm studying Biotechnology at University of Warsaw. My B. Sc. thesis in Department of Applied Microbiology are immunotoxins, especially potential usage of listeriolisyn O as an immunotoxin. In my free time I love to go hiking, treking, whitewater kayaking and sailing.

Jarosław Pankowski

I live near Warsaw and I study Biotechnology at the University of Warsaw. My B. Sc. thesis in Department of Genetic of Bacteria is about plasmids found in marine bacteria. Besides the science I'm interested in fantasy books, metal music and for some time in sword fighting.

Jarek Pankowski
Milena Bazlekowa

Milena Bazlekowa

Hi everyone ! My name is Milena and I study biotechnology at Warsaw University. Actually, I'm on my way to get a Bachelor's degree in molecular biology. I am very interested in application of biotechnology in medicine. I work on a project held by Department of Virology which investigates interactions between viruses and bacterias. My research is focused on comparison E.coli's and N. gonorrhoeae's VSR (very short patch repair) of DNA after bacteriophage's attack. I'm also a member of Students' Society of Genetics and Epigenetics. Actually, I'm on an internship at University of California in San Diego where I work on neural plasticity and nerve growth factors which can be used in a gene therapy concerning spinal cord injury repair. Apart from cloning, I love computer graphics, art and Mexican cuisine :). I like drawing, taking photographs and travelling.

Pawinskiego group

We are working at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics PAS building, in the laboratory equiped by the Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology. Our work is focused on the "effector" elements of our proposed system - mainly the cytoplasmic operon, but also the endosome detection operon. The supervisor of our group is Pawel Krawczyk, and Kamila Ornoch is coordinating our work
Paweł Krawczyk

Paweł Krawczyk

I come from small village in the south of Poland but now I’m a student of biotechnology and psychology at the College of Interfaculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Warsaw. Scientifically I’m freak on any fluorescent methods connected with protein research. My B. Sc. thesis was mainly about FRET method in context of regulation of the Hsp90 molecular chaperone protein. No I work in the field of neuroscience, especially on the molecular basis of schizophrenia (it doesn’t mean I live in a world of hallucinations). In my free time I love to play football and volleyball and listen to music, especially blues and rock.
Last year I've started in iGEM as a student and it was very challenging experience. I hope it will help during this year "synthetic" adventure

Team members

Kamila Ornoch

Kamila Ornoch

I come from Warsaw and study Biology at University of Warsaw. My B. Sc. thesis in Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology is about intercellular localization of Suv3 protein from Danio rerio. And I love to climb: high is my infatuation :)

Kamil Koper

I come from a small town in south-east Poland, but I spent most of my life living in Warsaw. I study Biotechnology at the Warsaw University in the Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology. My B. Sc. thesis focused on human mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms and their correlation with the occurrence of specific forms of cancer. If I'm not in the lab or out playing billiards with friends you can usually find me in my workshop, or playing vintage video games.

Kamil Koper
Qba Piątkowski

Jakub Piątkowski

I study biotechnology at the University of Warsaw (Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology). My research interests include RNA turnover in mitochondria and the evolution of organellar genomes. My B.Sc. thesis focused on a novel RNA-binding protein DMR1p in S. cerevisiae. Currently I’m working on my M.Sc. thesis, where I plan to include more detailed description of RNA-protein interactions in yeast mitochondrion. I also participate in the activities of the students’ societies: of Molecular and Synthetic Biology.

Marcin Ziemniak

I am the student of chemistry and biotechnology at the College of Interfaculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Warsaw. My scientific interests include all aspects of bioorganic and theoretical chemistry connected with biopolymers, and some fields of biology involving synthetic and structural biology. Actually I try to synthesize some new analogues of 5’ mRNA cap structures with superior biological properties and I am about to finish my B. Sc thesis which is linked to chromatin remodeling. Besides my scientific work, I like listening to metal music and reading books especially science-fiction novels.

Andrzej Prokop

Andrzej Prokop

I was born in Sanok and I'm studying Molecular Biology at the University of Warsaw. I have just defended my bachelor's thesis in the topic of RNA-directed DNA methylation. I am fascinated with the RNA WORLD and my plan is to continue that passion in practical way. I also share some passions with this guy with the millipede avatar, which are spiders, snakes, scorpions and other cute and fluffy animals. Moreover, I like good black metal, ambient, classical music and garlic.

Justyna Lesiak

Justyna Lesiak

Sebastian Jeleń

I come from small town in the south-east Poland. I always wanted to study chemistry but 4 years ago I suddenly decided to study biotechnology. After these 4 years of study I see that it wasn't bad decision. Except doing some research in my lab (hSUV3 rules!) I love taking pictures and playing computer games.

There's one more thing we have to confess... most of us are tenacious activists of students' scientific associations at our Faculty.

One of them is Students' Society of Genetics and Epigenetics, founded in 2003. It has developed a noble tradition of weekly seminars (spoken by first-year students as well as by guests from abroad), conferences in the Faculty's field station in the lake region of Mazury, and, above all, scientific projects planned and realized by students with just as much help as necessary from their older colleagues. We have accomplished Pfu polymerase production and purification, we studied to what extent ethidium bromide is able to diffuse through laboratory gloves and we're still working on development of efficient oligo-DNA microarray stripping method.

The other is Students' Society of Microbiology. It also hosts weekly seminars and organizes visits in biotechnological and microbiological laboratories. Last year we studied active center of Vsr andonuclease by substituting particular aminoacids with alanine and evaluating how the substitution influences enzyme's activity.

And last, but certainly not least, is the Students' Society of Molecular Biology. We are the oldest student's society at the Faculty of Biology. We hold weekly seminars as well as participate in in numerous conferences and workshops - both in Poland and abroad. Our most recent project involved verification o localization of five putative mitochondrial proteins.