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Our team consist of 14 students (mainly undergrads in biotechnology) and 4 supervisors. We are highly motivated group, ready to challenge the world (at first iGEM Competition :))

Due to logistic reasons, we're divided into two working groups: Pawinskiego and Miecznikowa (coming from the names of streets where our labs are located). Both groups ar working on different parts of the same project.

Pawel Krawczyk Marek Krzyzanowski Ania Olchowik Jarek Pankowski Monika Niepokojczycka Andrzej Prokop Franek Fijalkowski prof. Jacek Bielecki Kamil Koper Kamila Ornoch Kuba Piątkowski Sebastian Jelen

Where do we come from? - Students Scientific Societies

There's also one more thing we have to confess... most of us are tenacious activists of students' scientific associations at our Faculty

Students' Society of Genetics and Epigenetics

Students' Society of Genetics and Epigenetics was founded in 2003. It has developed a noble tradition of weekly seminars (spoken by first-year students as well as by guests from abroad), conferences in the Faculty's field station in the lake region of Mazury, and, above all, scientific projects planned and realized by students with just as much help as necessary from their older colleagues. We have accomplished Pfu polymerase production and purification, we studied to what extent ethidium bromide is able to diffuse through laboratory gloves and we're still working on development of efficient oligo-DNA microarray stripping method.

Students' Society of Microbiology

Students' Society of Microbiology also hosts weekly seminars and organizes visits in biotechnological and microbiological laboratories. Last year we studied active center of Vsr endonuclease by substituting particular aminoacids with alanine and evaluating how the substitution influences enzyme's activity.

Students' Society of Synthetic Biology "Genesis"

Students' Society of Synthetic Biology "Genesis" is a relatively new but dynamically developing organisation. The members of the society are interested in synthetic biology and nanotechnology. We strongly believed that future development of these disciplines will benefit new ravishing discoveries and technologies. Our members hold weekly lectures and strive to involve as many students as possible in practical activities, such as the iGEM competition.

Students' Society of Molecular Biology

And last, but certainly not least, is the Students' Society of Molecular Biology. We are the oldest student's society at the Faculty of Biology. We hold weekly seminars as well as participate in in numerous conferences and workshops - both in Poland and abroad. Our most recent project involved verification o localization of five putative mitochondrial proteins.