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The Washington University iGEM team would like to thank Sigma Aldrich for donating all of the chemicals and kits necessary to carry out our experiments. They have been extremely generous and helpful throughout the entire process and have even given us a plot of land on their property in the Second Life virtual reality computer game for us to further advertise our experiment.
Furthermore, thanks to the following groups for providing student stipends:
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the WashU Career Center, The Energy, Enviornmental, and Chemical Engineering Department, The McKelvey Foundation


We are very grateful to Dr. Neil Hunter and Dr. Deborah Hanson who contributed by answering our questions and providing us with specific plasmids and strains not available on the Registry of Standard Parts that are necessary for our work with Rhodobacter sphaeroides. We would like to thank Dr. Christopher Voigt's lab for providing us with a sample of cph8. We would also like to thank Dr. Kranz for providing essential bacterial strains and for providing us with ongoing advice concerning our project. In addition we would like to thank the Washington University Biology department for the use of lab space and equipment. We would also like to thank Kevin Chen for providing the amazing photo used in our banner, and Austin Athman for the pucBA regulation graphic.



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