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BioBrick-A-Bot Version 1.0 is made up of 2 LegoRoboBricks, called ALPHA and PHI. Here we provide the open-source RobotC codes for ALPHA and PHI. Other iGEM teams can build their own 'bot's, based on our construction specifications and then download our software. Please note that, you will need to replace the Lego NXT firmware with RobotC firmware to run the software.

BioBrick-A-Bot Version 2.0 will be made up of 3 LegoRoboBricks, called ALPHA, PHI and MU. We will also implement Single-Master-Multiple-Slave Synchronization, so that it will support user-defined LegoRoboBricks too. Other iGEM teams are encouraged to build and share various user-defined LegoRoboBricks to extend the functionality of BioBrick-A-Bot. We will collaborate with other iGEM teams, and make other user-defined LegoRoboBricks available for download on this website.

The files on the wiki were frozen on October 22, 2009 at 12:00 AM EDT. For the latest copy of the code, please see the Sourceforge version.

ALPHA code

Alpha Code.jpg

PHI code

Phi Code.jpg