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Who we are

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The Team (Josef, Jeff, Alex, Chris, Doug/Conan)

Stupendous Students

Awesome Advisors

Fantastic Faculty

Where we worked

We were very fortunate to have the use of two molecular biology workspaces: a dedicated undergraduate lab in the Electrical Engineering Department that had been set up for basic molecular biology work, and the lab of Dr. David Baker in Biochemistry.


Between some shelves in the Baker lab, Chris eyes some RFP-expressing bacterial pellet that Josef produced. Great pellet Josef!


Doug rocks the purple gloves in the undergraduate molecular biology lab in the Electrical Engineering Department.


Jeff, a two-year iGEM veteran, has mastered the art of standing while pipetting.


Josef in the iGEM lab, working hard - that gel is not going to load itself.

Uw alex lh.jpg

This is how Alex pipettes.


Gene synthesis from scratch requires a lot of oligos! (See our Notebook page)


Funding for supplies and travel was obtained from the Departments of Bioengineering and Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington, and the College of Engineering.

We also received several free samples of reagents from the BioMoles gel purification kits, PCR purification kits, and a pair of agarose gels, as well as a DNA ladder.
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