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Who we are

The University of Waterloo's 2009 iGEM Team is a dynamic group, consisting of students from the Faculties of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. We are an undergraduate-run team, with a student Director managing most of our team's affairs and directing our team's ongoing activities. Our enthusiastic Faculty Instructors and Advisors give us the benefit of their experience and, in the case of Dr. Trevor Charles, lab space, and provide us with additional support and guidance in areas related to design, mathematical modeling, lab work and administration.

Because of Waterloo's co-op program, some of our members take courses during the summer, while others work full-time. The majority of our team members participate in the iGEM competition in their spare time, outside of work or school; a few have been involved part-time as part of their research-assistant positions in various labs in the UW Department of Biology. This team structure means that instead of each member taking on one aspect of the project to tackle over the course of the summer, our team collectively works on the project as a whole, each member picking up where the last left off the day before, or even earlier the same day!

UW iGEM Team members are all involved in a unique learning experience: our 2009 team consists largely of students who started with little or no research/laboratory experience and had a range of theoretical knowledge of molecular biology. A strong desire to learn, combined with proper guidance from more experienced teammates, have aided these students in becoming independent and more comfortable working in a lab environment. Our senior members also have had valuable opportunities to share their experience with others.

Undergraduate Students

John Heil Lab and Design Team Leader,
Patrick MacKinnon.PNG
Patrick MacKinnon Lab Team Member, Summer Co-op
Chemical Engineering
Harsh Parikh.JPG
Harsh Parikh Lab Team Member, Summer Co-op
Wylee Co Lab Team Member, Summer Co-op
Nanotechnology Engineering
Nasra Aidarus.jpg
Nasra Aidarus Lab Team Member, Summer Co-op
Tim Picture2.jpg
Tim Lin Lab Team Member, Summer Co-op
Sandy Mclachlang.png
Sandy Mclachlan Lab Team Member
March Del Grande Lab Team Member
Leah Kocsis.jpg
Leah Kocsis Human Practices/Outreach Leader
Science & Business
Brandon Wang.png
Brandon Wang Modeling Team Member
Electrical Engineering
Matthew Gingerich.png
Matthew Gingerich Modeling Team Member
Systems Design Engineering
Jordan Lapointe.jpg
Jordan Lapointe Modeling Team Member
Mathematical Physics
Hillary Yeung.png
Hillary Yeung Assistant to the Director
Chemical Engineering

Graduate Students

Andre Masella.png
Andre Masella Team Jack-of-all-trades, Modeling Subteam Lead
Computer Engineering
Eddie Ma.PNG
Eddie Yee Tak Ma Modeling Subteam Associate Lead
Bioinformatics, Biochemistry

Faculty Instructors

Brian Ingalls.PNG
Dr. Brian Ingalls

Team Founder/Mathematical Modelling Advisor

Trevor Charles.PNG
Dr. Trevor Charles

Lab Advisor, Provider of All-Important Lab Space

Barb Moffatt.PNG
Dr. Barb Moffatt

Administration/Fundraising Advisor

Marc Aucoin.PNG
Dr. Marc Aucoin

Co-op Supervisor

Josh Neufeld.PNG
Dr. Josh Neufeld

Co-op Supervisor

Matt Scott.PNG
Dr. Matthew Scott

Co-op Supervisor


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