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(The People Who Belong to the Yeshiva E. Coli)
(The People Who Belong to the Yeshiva E. Coli)
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Image:This is not a box|Faige Seligman
Image:This is not a box|Faige Seligman
Image:Team_member_2.png|Team member 2
Image:Team_member_2.png|Julie Meir
Image:Team_member_3.png|Team member 3
Image:Team_member_3.png|Our Imaginary Friend
Image:Team_member_4.png|Rafi Huntley
Image:Team_member_4.png|Rafi Huntley

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The People Who Belong to the Yeshiva E. Coli


  • Advisor 1: Professor Michael Machczynski
  • Advisor 2: Professor Neer Asherie


  • Student 1: Raphael "Knockout" Huntley
  • Student 2: Faige "Journalist Spy" Seligman
  • Student 3: Juliet "Fusion" Meir

What we did

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Where we're from

Faige flew from the gentle sunshine-filled city of Los Angeles and is still, after a year, learning to adjust to NYC-style weather and driving attitudes. She plans to go to medical school and has a very wide span of interests, inluding iGEM. She is majoring in Philosophy and possibly double-minoring in English and Biology while taking the pre-med requirements. She also loves dabbling in, to varying degrees, chemistry, quantum physics, economics, astronomy, psychology, writing, marine biology, ornithology, and paleontology. She enjoys visiting aviaries, aquariums, zoos, museums, and all outdoor places. Laboratories are cool, too, even though they are indoors. She occasionally thinks about becoming a sailor, pilot, dolphin, pirate, bird, wolf, or wizard, but feels that being a doctor will make the most sense in terms of reality and long-term desires.

The exclusive online editions of the autobiographies of Rafi and Julie are coming up soon, so stay tuned!