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Registration for iGEM 2009 is now open

Head to the iGEM 2009 Registration page to apply for your team.
Posted February 18, 2009

Changes in iGEM 2009

There are several important changes to iGEM 2009 that you should be aware of:
  • The iGEM 2009 Jamboree will be longer than in past years. See the Jamboree page for more details.
  • iGEM 2009 is introducing an experimental track for DIY Biologist and other non-competition teams. See the experimental track page for details.
Posted February 18, 2009

Learn how to start an iGEM team

Interested in starting an iGEM team for 2009? Check out the Start A Team page for suggestions.
Posted January 30, 2009

See what happened at iGEM 2008

Want to learn what happened at iGEM 2008? Head to to get some great ideas.
Posted January 30, 2009