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Who am I?

  • Michael Verhoeven
  • Mail addressed to me!
  • University of Groningen
Bachelor - Chemistry
Master - Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

As one of the older members of the iGEM Groningen team (at least as far as the year of enrollment goes), I am involved in trying to get in contact with other teams from the iGEM competition. Being in the later stages of my chemistry bachelor at the University of Groningen, I have still a lot to learn in the field of Synthetic Biology, but that makes it a challenge and even more fun!

Contact the team in general!

Notebook on OpenWetWare!

Pages which are not linked yet on our wiki, but are under construction by myself and a few others:

Ethics page for all thoughts spend on the consequences of our research. Safety page for safety and security questions raised by iGEM to be addressed by all teams.

Parts page where you can find our sandbox and glycerol stock lists.