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With my background in Biotechnology and currently as a Master student in Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Groningen you will find me in the lab. Besides the technical skills I keep busy in fund raising and act as second in command during our team meetings. With a long lasting passion for Synthetic Biology joining iGEM Groningen 2009 was only natural when the occasion presented itself. I am looking forward to getting deep into the field, and meeting all our fellow iGEM participants!

Note: While visiting potentials sponsors, people always tend to ask me why we publish everything before the competition is over. And somehow it's very difficult to convince that it isn't a competition as per the definition they use. I try to make clear that the real competition is within ourselves, trying to reach new hights. Going where we could never go on our own, together with our team and as an iGEM community. I think they rarely understand it completely, but I guess they see the enthusiasm and realize whatever kind of competition it is, it must be good enough to sponsor. If only I had the time to visit everyone in person..
Keeping busy with fundraising? Please contact me to share your experience, how to explain a competition where you try to work together with your rivals?

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