University of Alberta - BioBytes


Industrial demands are constantly requiring that new technologies be adaptable to automation. This allows for high-throughput production of constructs on a large scale. The BioBytes Assembly System easily lends itself to this development. We have achieved two methods to demonstrate the application of our method to automation through Microfluidics and the construction of "Do It Yourself" robot. Microfluidics miniaturizes the assembly process making it cost effective, portable, and high-throughput. Eventually complex microfluidic devices can be designed to build constructs on a much larger scale.

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DIY Automation

Another important aspect of automation is the assembly's ability to be accomplished by robotics. We have developed a robot which is capable of building constructs. This shows how the assembly can be used in industry for large scale biofabrication. It also identifies the simplicity of the BioBytes Assembly System and its application to "Do It Yourself" synthetic biology.

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