The Tester role. Some of the potential activities/responsibilities include:

  • Researching Standard Promoter Unit, PoPS and the "Measurement kit" (see
  • Creating (and documenting) a hierarchical collection of tests (corresponding to how the system is divided into increasingly fine-grained subsystems).
  • Designing (and executing) measurements for modelling/characterization of parts.
  • Specific tasks in the lab plan concerning measurements. In our project these could include:
    • Determining where the bacteria are, what are bacterial concentrations at a certain height?
    • Transporter, on/off mechanism, up to what concentration (in the cell) does it still have metal uptake.
    • Measure concentration of metal. difference between begin and end concentrations of metal outside the cell.
    • Expression of the gene behind the (metal sensitive) promotor (could use GFP for example).
    • Measure accumulation. By measuring before/after concentration metal with and without accumulation protein.

Some examples of good measurements done previously are: BBa_F2620, Imperial 2007 (not sure of the exact page that was shown at the teacher's workshop), stresskit and the table of ribosome binding site strengths.

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