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i-GEM safety

  • 1, Would any of your project ideas raise safety issues in terms of:
  1. researcher safety,
  2. public safety, or
  3. environmental safety?

No. Our project is safe and environmental-friendly. The product we generate is ethanol, which has been widely used in many fields nowadays. And the main material, cyanobacteria, is a low grade ,photosynthetic bacteria which is safe to operate and is also carbon dioxide consuming. What’s more, one of our projects ,Microcystin detector ,just aims at improving the drinking water safety.

  • 2,Is there a local biosafety group, committee, or review board at your institution?
  • 3,What does your local biosafety group think about your project?
  • 4,Do any of the new BioBrick parts that you made this year raise any safety issues?

No, the functions of our new BioBrick parts are all about catalysis and improving the enzyme activity for the generation of ethanol. The whole process is sure to be safe.

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