Minnesota/23 July 2009

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Today I got back the results for test3, and also created tow programs to test whether making tetR2 less attracted to aTc would make a significant difference. I created two programs, smad_ttn_test4 which looked at reducing tetR2:aTc production (the kinetic constant for reactions 11 and 13 were reduced from 1E+08 1/(Ms) to 1E+07 1/(Ms)), and smad_ttn_test5 which further reduced the same constant to 1E+06 1/(Ms).

Test3 came back and it show below along with the base for comparison. Test3 checked to see what would occur if tetR2:aTc and tetR2:aTc2 were set to Split on Division:

As can be seen it has dramatic, but ultimately incorrect results. The results are a by-product of aTc dilution instead of tetR2 dilution as desired. I'll have to look at more ideas for how to model this correctly.