Minnesota/26 June 2009

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I got back the analysis of tetRu/d which looked at the effects of increasing or decreasing the rate of synthesis of tetR2 (reaction 44, k = 1E-11 M/s initially) by an order of magnitude). Here are the results along with the base model for comparison:

These results look more promising as they shift the "hump" dramatically. The "hump" is an issue though since GFP production should reach steady state in 9 hours.

This model (tnn_atcvaries7_leaky) was an attempt to see what would happen if the kinetic constant was decreased for the three reactions shown below, instead of increased like the previous day's.

Reaction Forward Kinetic Constant Reverse Kinetic Constant
RNAp + tetO1:tetR2 + lacP -> RNAp:lacP + tetR231000
RNAp + tetO1:aTc:tetR2 + lacP -> RNAp:lacP + tetR231000
RNAp + tetO1:aTc2:tetR2 + lacP -> RNAp:lacP + tetR231000


The result of this change was quite interesting. The curve at aTc = 0 remained constant, while the entire rest of the model has been lowered. This precisely the opposite of what is needed for the model unfortunately. This direction will probably not be pursued in the future as it is not helping solve the porblems seen in the model.